TV Show ‘The Rap Game’ is coming to the UK as ‘The Grime Game’

Words by: Sam Gurrey
Hit American TV show The Rap Game will be re-made in the UK as The Grime Game! Yes, really.

For those unfamiliar with the original show, The Rap Game is a TV series that follows the lives of five young rappers from all walks of life who battle it out for the ultimate prize of a recording contract with Jermaine Dupri’s, So So Def Recordings. The TV series aired in 2016 and is on its 5th season now. Here’s a clip:

This time around the UK are showcasing their talent and The Grime Game will follow the lives of several MC’s as they compete for a record deal, following the same guidelines as its American counterpart. A group of talented Grime MC’s will have to showcase their talents to a national audience and go head to head. We’re all for exposing new and upcoming talent in the industry, especially if they chose a collection of MCs with real talent.

Tom O’Brien, the Director of Development for the production company working on The Grime Show, said “Grime is one of the UK’s most important – and also lucrative – musical movements. Now is a great time to celebrate it, by profiling the next generation of hungry performers.”

According to reports, several Grime artists have been involved in the development of the show.

As the show is currently in the early stages of planning, there is not a set date for when The Grime Show will first air on TV, but stay tuned, this sounds set to be a very interesting watch.

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