D Double E – Jackuum (Album Review)

Words: Sam Gurrey
D Double E has done the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the unfathomable…After 20 YEARS in the game, he has
finally released a solo LP (yeah, you heard me right) and it doesn’t disappoint. From the jump, D Double sets the tone for the LP on “Bark it” and “Flatmate”, the latter being one of the best tracks on the album. You’re here for Grime, for reload bars and for some…ad-libs that will have you slapping the wall, or someone.

If you’re a Grime fan, this album won’t be entirely new to you. Songs like ‘Nang’ ft. Skepta, Shenanigans & ‘Better Than The Rest’ ft. Wiley have been floating around for a while now. This isn’t a negative on the album though as this simply adds to the album’s charms and draws you in.

This album doesn’t rely on his former glories or past successes, boasting 10 new tracks that are in D Doubles signature mold and not every track is aimed as a reload club specialist. However, songs like ‘Natural Organic’, ‘Lyrical Hypnosis’ and ‘Seeing Double’ slow the tempo down on the album at the right time, which adds some variety and keeps you locked in.

The production on this album sounds like modern “Golden Era” grime, with deep bass lines, echoing synths and hi snaps. It works and it works well. ‘Jackuum’ is undoubtedly grime, with a clear feel of a man who is a fan of both the old and new era’s of it.

Overall, this is a very solid debut solo album from D Double E that’ll have fans shouting bluku bluku for years to come.

Stand out tracks: Flatmate, Dem man dere, Natural Organic ft. AJ Tracey, Trippin.

Rating: 7/10
D Double E fans will not be disappointed after the years of waiting for this LP! It’s mwee mwee, bluku!

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