Bugzy Malone – B.Inspired (Album Review)

Words by Sam @ Leng Section
Bugzy Malone has been grafting in the scene for several years now and his fanbase really grew after his clash with Chip in 2015.  
Showcasing his writing skills, flow and well-balanced aggressive to calm delivery, Bugzy has grown into one of the UK’s more prominent MC’s and B.Inspired (thankfully) lives up to this.

The first track “Warning” hits you like a hay-maker, slaps you across the face and tells you to stfu and listen to this sh*t! With a sample I’m sure some of you will instantly recognise (I’m not telling you from where) I was involved, I’m listening Bugz…

What follows is an album that shows his own musical evolution, as well as a man who is growing older, wiser and more reflective. This comes to us naturally with age (to most of us anyway) however Bugzy has embraced it well and displays it via his music. Stand out tracks that embody this; Ordinary people ft. JP Cooper, Run ft. Rag’n’Bone, Street Life ft. Laura White and Separation ft. Maverick Sabre are some of the best songs on the album, period.

If you’re here expecting a Grime album that’ll make you want to slap mumsy in the mouth, throw a bally on and start shotting rocks, you won’t find it here but if there’s a part of you that needs that sound you may find dosings of this side of Bugzy in “Warning” & “Done his Dance”. Overall this album is reflective, self-assessing and heartfelt. With some very well chosen production, well thought out lyrics and sublime delivery, English hip hop is alive & kicking.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a grown up hip hop album, this is for you.

Rating: 7.5/10

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