We Are Anansi appointed as Creative Director at Global Sports Brand

Great news for the Leng Section team WeAreAnansi has been appointed the new Creative Director at global sports performance company, Enertor. Leng Section’s Executive Producer has joined forces with the global insole company who are endorsed and worn by Usain Bolt.

For 18 years Enertor have produced the industry’s most advanced, custom insoles for sports professionals, the army and elite athletes and now offer insoles for everyday use for adults and children. Designed to prevent less pain, less injuries and increase comfort, the insoles are shock absorbing and to-date the only insoles worn by Usain Bolt.

WeAreAnansi is no stranger to the sports world having previously been signed to American Football team, The Algarve Sharks. On discussing this new role, WeAreAnansi said:

“I’m really excited to be the new Creative Director at Enertor. Now that I’ve sat down with the guys and heard everything first hand, I really believe in their injury free message. Enertor are such a forward thinking company and open to new ideas. Over the years I’ve worked on some creative projects and through first-hand experience I’ve immersed myself into the sports world which has put me in the perfect position to release my creative direction with such a quality brand with the support of a talented team. This company loves the creative projects I have already worked on and give me space to look at business from a new angle, I’m looking forward to this new venture.”

Nick Beresford, Co-Founder and CEO at Enertor says “We are delighted that WeAreAnansi is joining Enertor as the new Creative Director, we are at an exciting phase in our journey to help the world stay injury free and push the brand into becoming a billion dollar sports brand. Rather than hire a traditional marketing person, we believed that partnering with a Creative Director of his calibre and expertise would help us remain current as a brand and avoid any creative limitations. With WeAreAnansi at the helm we look forward to supporting more people globally and working on some creative campaigns in the near future.”


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