Top 5 affordable places to visit

Everyone likes to travel but not everyone can. Finding the time with our busy schedules is one thing and of course finance is another. If you’re trying to save the pennies at the moment but have a holiday itch you need to scratch, we put together a list of affordable places to visit around the world.

Montreal, Canada

Everyone goes on about how amazing and relaxed Canada is and…they’re pretty much right. Montreal is a great city, with a mix of French traditions with a North American vibe, culturally. 
Canada is considered to be a young, cosmopolitan city, the people are friendly, the food is delicious, there are endless activities and places to explore, and the best part is the price. Put Miami on the back burner for now, you’ll literally burn away your cash, you’ve got cute bars, unique restaurants and lots to try out in Canada. 

Reykjavik, Iceland

So you have the option of visiting your local Winter Wonderland this Christmas, or heading to Iceland. Reykjavik is beautiful, especially during the winder months. If your sense of direction is terrible there’s even more reason for you to go; there are only four main streets that agglutinate most of the commerce and cafes of the city. Compared to neighboring countries you’ll get some great food, there are some stunning Air BnB’s in the area too and you’ll get to enjoy cheap entertainment too. 

Beirut, Lebanon

It is Lebanon’s capital and one of the most cosmopolitan towns in the Middle East. It’s referred to as the  “Paris of the Middle East”, it is a wonderful place to eat and dance at parties. If you’re looking for a family friendly holiday then Beirut is your place. The kids have had enough of Spain…

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda is in the north of Italy and the largest part of the country, why haven’t you heard about Lake Garda, you ask – who knows, we don’t actually care, but the knowledge is with you now. If you’re fond of swimming, long walks, warm weather, pleasant people, lidos, great ice cream and Instagram worthy backgrounds then get searching for flights. 

Brussels, Belgium

We only know Brussels as a political and business center, but the locals would argue there’s much more to this place than current affairs. Its architecture is amazing for one, the food is delicious and the people know how to have a good time. We’d definitely recommend this to adults in their 20s looking for fun group holidays with friends. 

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