Networking Events in 2018 You Cannot Miss

Work opportunities are everywhere, as amazing as the internet is, it’s made most of us incredible lazy and hinders our entrepreneurial spirits. If you want to increase business potential and make money –  get out your house! It can be awkward, but networking may not only do good for your wallet but your social life and mental well-being too.

If you’re between 25 and 55 years old, get out that dusty diary of yours and make note of some of these networking events coming up in 2018 – make it your aim to attend at least one.

So here’s to improving yourself, job skills, finding new people, new opportunities and new business…

5 Top Networking events of 2018:

Social events

Every year in many cities, the manufacturing, commercial, service, and general industries organize a major annual congress or exhibition. These exhibitions and congresses have become successful and relevant because there’s a personal meeting between experts, service providers and potential customers, all under one roof.


When you attend conferences, don’t get too caught up focusing on immediate or direct results. Generally, the results will come from learning and exchanging business experiences that you can apply to your own life.

  • FUSION 2018: International Conference on Information Fusion, Cambridge, United Kingdom(Jul 10 – 13)
  • IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo – San Diego, United States (Jul 23)

Business Innovation

One of the main advantages of attending these is hearing firsthand advice and experiences from some of the most outstanding people in the sector. These help inspire us, provide us with tools to grow, and guide us in navigating obstacles and facing challenges.

Business talks

Sometimes we simply can’t think of something new and innovative, it’s like the writer’s block of creativity and it takes putting ourselves into new, inspiring atmospheres to help our creative juices flow again. Attend business talks. You’ll learn new techniques and strategies for your business that you never even considered and wondered how the hell you were surviving before you knew. 

Promotional Events

If you’re trying to escape from the routine, learn about different areas, improve your business, or you’re just looking for new ideas or new chances, promotional events are a great past time. Promo events allow you to know your competition’s strategy, or just learn how to improve your ways to do business.

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