5 New Finance Apps You Need

If you’re still managing your finances without a plan it’s time to accept some home truths: You can’t do this alone. If you can’t afford a PA just yet, there’s apps for this kind of stuff. There is help out there, when you search for it, and since we’re in a good mood today we’ve decided to help you out with our top list of finance apps to help you manage yo’ monies. 


If you’re a start up or self-employed wanting to manage your expenses and looking for the best expenditure report software for a mobile device, then this bad boy might be the app for you. Expensify allows you to upload receipts and it’s available on both iOS and Android (three cheers for no discrimination to Androids). Expensify is the best tool reviewed at accurately processing scanned data, which saves staffs and administrators time recording and processing expenses.

Citrix ShareFile Business

The best secure managed file transfer services aren’t just created to send large files from desktop to desktop, we’ll have you know… With Citrix ShareFile Business, you can share from your blackberry, android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. For administrators, it also gives excellent device management functionality, enabling IT to immediately disable and format your devices when necessary.


Bola is a new financial plan manager app and thankfully pretty damn simple. You monitor your paychecks, expenses, and budget. You already know and recognize the goal of budget apps. It also supports several currencies, cloud syncing, and you can keep track of multiple budgets. You won’t discover a bunch of bells and whistles with this one. It handles the basics well, though. Those who are in need of hard-core expense reports for things like taxes won’t need this. You get particular features with the free version. The full version runs for $3.49.


Perfect for those with businesses that provide a service and have plenty of happy (sarcasm) customers. Your clients don’t shop during business hours only, unfortunately. Because of this, it’s important that your customer service representatives are on-call to handle demands at all times. The best helpdesk software includes mobile apps that let your representatives answer calls, search for customer-specific information, and resolve tickets, all while away from the desktop. HappyFox in particular offers an uncontaminated, crisp, and compliant mobile interface that makes remote customer service easy as pie.


Acumatica is one of the best general ledgers accounting software on the market. Because it’s a browser-based instrument, you can have access to your accounting data from any device with an internet connection, or you can download the iOS and Android apps. From the apps you can enter time cards, run expenditure reports, and enter purchase orders, among many other features.

If you download any of these apps let us know how you find them, are there any apps we’re missing? If so comment below or tweet us @LengSection.

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